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ยท One min read

Tired of manually deleting emails? run this and it will automatically delete emails from people you specify from.

Raw Source code:โ€‹


  • npm run install
  • Connect your Gmail with GCP and create your own credentials.json
    • (Should still be valid) credentials.json generated from GCP. (download from GCP API & Services Credentials)
  • Configure deleteEmails.js to add the emails you want to delete from.

How to startโ€‹

npm run start

Refresh token:โ€‹

  • note: if you change scope you need to delete token.json to regenerate a new one. also reset secret in GCP.
  • note: has some issues if there is an active token elsewhere.

GCP console:โ€‹

ยท One min read

Curious what it takes to build a serverless API?

Raw Source code:โ€‹

Serverless notesโ€‹

  • API gateway needs lambda to have this format in the response to not throw malformed exception:
'statusCode': 200,
'headers': {
'body': json.dumps(response_list),
'isBase64Encoded': 'false'


  • needs to deploy before testing
  • throttle request set to 1 for singleton

Api gatewayโ€‹

stages - relative path, needs to deploy first before it goes live

  • throttle request set to 1 for singleton