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Video editing

  • quickly edit bulk amounts of video with python for content creators and streamers
  • prerequisite: understanding of python, pip


install movie py pip install moviepy

this should install ffmpeg if not pip install ffmpeg-python


# Import everything needed to edit video clips
from moviepy.editor import *

# loading video dsa gfg intro video
raw = VideoFileClip("127021.mp4")

# List of game start and end times
game_times = [((11,30),(43,00)),((45,00),(1,17,30)),((1,20,25),(2,10,55))]

for i, (game_start, game_end) in enumerate(game_times):
# getting only first 5 seconds
intro_start = (9, 30)
intro_end = (10, 00)
intro_clip = raw.subclip(intro_start, intro_end)

# cutting out the game part from the clip
game_clip = raw.subclip(game_start, game_end)

# Concatenating intro and game clips
final_clip = concatenate_videoclips([intro_clip, game_clip])

# Writing the new video file for each game
final_clip.write_videofile(f"game{i+1}.mp4",audio_codec='aac', threads = 8, fps=30)